Performing and Recording

Performing/Recording Experience
Audio & Video Samples

Performing and Recording Experience

Performing Experience Recording Experience
  • Reverse Polish Notation: violin, viola, percussion, MIDI on my original pieces for 2011 EP "Imaginary Numbers".
  • Ginger Ibex: Viola, 6-string violin, string scoring on tracks of original instrumental 2009 album "Firefly".
  • {The Milling Gowns}: Recording tracks and scoring string & woodwind parts for our 2008 CD Diving Bell Shallows
  • Big Amp Envy: recorded two tracks 2008 CD "Penance", and comp "New England Country For Life".
  • Rev. Bob & the Darkness: Recorded all tracks on the 2007 CD Gallows Hill with this Rhythm, Roots & Gothic Blues band.
  • The Gobshites: Composed and recorded fiddle tracks for twenty+ songs on 2007 Irish Punk albums Another Round and Get Bombed,
    and for another sixteen songs on their 2005 album When the Shite Hits the Fans
  • The Beau Roland Band: Composed and recorded fiddle tracks for seven songs on the alt-country album The Road to Wichita
  • Grubstake: Composed and recorded two violin tracks for this "swamp rock" band's 2004 CD Dynamite & Other Inventions
  • Paula Kelley: played acoustic violin in the PK Orchestra for the 2003 album The Trouble with Success or How you Fit into the World.
    The album has also been released in Europe by French distributor Polaris, and received a 3 1/2 star review in the French edition of Rolling Stone.
  • Jeff Washer: Composed and recorded violin tracks for the soft-rock song Tempted and other songs by this
    New Bedford songwriter on the album The Gift To Believe by Agatha's Memory). New recordings scheduled for Summer 2007.
  • Recorded violin phrases for use by a Boston-area Hip Hop producer.

Audio/Video Samples

Samples of my playing:

Looping and original songs as Reverse Polish Notation:

Modern Melodic Rock/Classical with Ginger Ibex

Melodramatic Dark Pop with {The Milling Gowns}

Rhythm, Roots & Gothic Blues from Rev. Bob & the Darkness:

Irish Punk from The Gobshites

Latin Jazz with the Di eVano String Quartet:

Retro/baroque pop: A brief clip from the Paula Kelley CD (see above).

How to Buy Betty's Recordings

  • Reverse Polish Notation: Bandcamp.
  • Ginger Ibex:
    • "Firefly", 2009, Bandcamp or iTunes.
    • "The Rusty Goat Sessions (RPM Challenge 2013)" via Ginger Ibex.
  • The Milling Gowns: "Diving Bell Shallows", 2008, CD Baby.
  • The Gobshites at Bandcamp:
    • "When the Shite Hits The Fans", 2005
    • "Another Round", 2007
    • "Get Bombed", 2007

  • Rev. Bob & the Darkness: "Gallows Hill", 2007, Hooker Street

  • Grubstake: "Dynamite & Other Inventions", 2004 Nine Mile Records

  • Paula Kelley: "The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into the World", 2003 Kimchee Records

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