20-Mar-2007 - Betty's MArch Madness Continues

Greetings, Friends & Fans!

Yes, I'm still alive after the St. Pat's weekend, surviving 6 shows, 600 miles, a Maine blizzard, and playing outside for 2+ hours in 36F/20mph winds! If you didn't blink you might have seen me for 3 seconds on NECN's news coverage of the Southie parade Sunday night. We also have a short clip sent to us by a random stranger:


The good news for me is that all five of this coming weekend's shows and sessions are in the Boston area:

And here's a head-up for the next few weeks:

As always, double-check my website schedule or MySpace for last minute changes.

Also, The Gobshites now have TWO new CDs available, featuring my fiddling; plus their first CD, "When the Shite Hits the Fans", has been remastered (and all of my parts re-recorded... long story about missing/bad files) - see their MySpace page for links to order the CDs.

Hope to see you at a show!

Too busy to think of a new tag line...