29-Jun-2007 - Betty's Hot July Shows!

Greetings, friends & fans!

I survived last weekend's six-show blitz, so only two this coming weekend will be a vacation by comparison (esp. since the heatwave has abated!).

And speaking of vacation, I'll be spending a week of mine in South Paris, Maine studying performance with the fabulous Deborah Henson-Conant, wild woman of the harp (no, I'm NOT taking up another instrument - this is about stage performance in general), and appearing in an end-of-week show with her on my birthday >:-)

If you haven't had a chance to check out my group {The Milling Gowns}, I've posted two new samples of my recent recordings with them on my Performing page. We're making a last-minute appearance this Saturday @ the Midway in JP (hopefully my amp won't go up in smoke again, as it did the last time I was there!)

Here are the shows -remember to double-check my website or MySpace profile, as club booking is an inexact science...

That's the scoop for now - stay cool and support your local musicians!